Drum studio build #2, Fun with floors

1 Apr

So, everythings’ s been measured and ordered. Wickes.co.uk, studiospares.com and soundservice.co.uk are all several pounds better off thanks to me! Yesterday saw the first day of work. Here’s the studio before I started (note the ‘special’ colour of the walls):

Online Session Drums studio build

Studio before

Plus a special message (I’ve always wanted to graffiti a wall that I own!):

Wall graffiti

Shortly after,  I’d taken up both the laminate floor and underlay and was ready to take up the floorboards:

Floor up!

Only at this point did I realise that I actually had no idea how to get up the floorboards without damaging them, one call to a builder friend and a trip to my local DIY store later and I was sorted!

I’ll outline the next steps in my next post, so far so good, and I’m having fun (no hammer or splinter injuries to report!).

2 Responses to “Drum studio build #2, Fun with floors”

  1. John Ramm April 5, 2012 at 7:27 pm #

    So, how do you remove floor boards without damaging them – you left that bit out!

    • onlinesessiondrums April 5, 2012 at 7:50 pm #

      Good call, missed that! Crowbar, gently, making sure to work gradually on both sides and a mini crowbar-like thing that’s really good at getting up nails. Well, that’s what I was told and it worked for me! Only one split bit of board 🙂

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