Drum studio build #3, nailing it so far ;-)

5 Apr

So, how is the female Online Session Drummer (with a little help from her friends) getting on with building her drum studio? So far, so good thanks! Here’s a quick rundown of the last couple of days.

We took up some strategically chosen floorboards, filled all the space between the joists with Rockwool (10mm RW3 if you’re thinking of doing it yourself!) and then put the floorboards back, replacing any dodgy ones with new ones (this all took considerably longer to do than to write….).

Floorboards up, Rockwool at the ready!

Next, and possibly the bit my back and knees appreciated least, I used acoustic sealant to fill all the gaps between the boards, joy…. and left it to dry for a bit.

Acoustic sealant

My best bit of acoustic sealant work!

Then we covered the whole floor in Soundproofing mat.

Soundproof barrier mat

Soundproofing mat

Today’s last act was to put the first bit of studwork timber round the perimeter of the floor ready to (hopefully) get the whole studwork frame done tomorrow, there, I’ve written it, we’ll see! (oh yeah, and then I’ve got a gig as well tomorrow night, should be a rest!).

I’m also in the middle of redesigning my website OnlineSessionDrums.com to hopefully coincide with the finishing of the studio, quiet times for the Brockster! Right, time to put my feet up, where’s that glass of wine?

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