Drum studio build #6. Structural soundproofing done, get in!

20 Apr

Well, a few days ago we finally finished all the structural soundproofing and it’s actually starting to look like a room again! So, I have a new ceiling and walls (and some new muscles AND aches) filled with rockwool and covered with extra dense plasterboard. The floor was done some time ago (joists filled with rockwool, acoustic sealant between the boards and covered with soundproofing mat – remember?).

Plasterboard for drum room soundproofing finished

Plasterboarding done!

I’ve also made covers for the loft hatch and window by cutting mdf sheets to size and covering it with soundproofing mat, my idea, we’ll see if it works…..

Things are moving a bit slower now as I’m back into full swing with gigs, sessions and a bit of teaching so I’m having to fit in working on the studio around that.

At the minute we’re working on doing the jointing of the plasterboard with jointing tape and jointing compound. I’ve discovered that it’s definitely not my best skill and certainly not one I’ll be swapping my career as a drummer for! Fortunately my other half seems to be quite good at it so has been given that task ;-).

Such a fun job, not.

I’m also sorting out new web hosting for my website redesign. Wow, prices vary A LOT and I’m definitely not going to be staying with my current provider who wants to charge me 3 times what some other companies are offering!

Night off tonight, so am gonna play some Wii and get my pad together for tomorrow night’s gig with Pinstripe Suit in our monthly residency at Bar Nightjar, an awesome speakeasy style bar just off Old Street.

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