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New OnlineSessionDrums website LIVE!

30 May

I’ve completely redesigned my website (with a little help from Christian and Abeer).

It’s just gone live, so check it out at:

It’s got a funky new logo and more info for people who are interested in online drum tracks.

Online Session Drums drum tracks logo

New logo for Online Session Drums


In drum studio related news, keep an eye out in the next week, it should be finished, yay!!

Drum studio build #8. The Home Stretch!

16 May

I feel like I’m finally reaching the home stretch with the drum studio ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve decided to use lining paper on the walls before painting to give a better finish (doesn’t hurt for it to look nice after all the effort)! Half the room is now lined and am gonna be finishing the rest on Friday.

Lining the drum studio

Doing the lining paper, so far, not as bad as I thought!


Have chosen the paint – white for the ceiling and 3 of the walls and a slightly dark red called “Redcurrant Glory” for the remaining wall, la-de-dah! Should look good in my drum videos.

Made the decision to get someone else to do the doors, was difficult as I’ve done everything else myself, but I think it’s a time consuming job that needs to be done properly as doors are such a big issue with soundproofing. A mate of mine hangs doors, so he’s started today.

Drum studio first door

Door #1 (we didn’t choose the wall colour!)

In others news, I have a seriously random weekend of gigs! Thursday night is going to be a German oompah band for a Beer Festival….. dare say that’ll be a fun one ๐Ÿ˜‰ Friday’s a rock gig doing mainly 70’s stuff, then playing my monthly residency at Nightjar with swing band Pinstripe Suit on Saturday. Sunday’s a day off, but I’m thinking that’ll be painting day. Busy, we like!

Drum studio build #7. Blood, sweat and coughing!

4 May

So, things with the studio are moving on slowly but surely.

All the plasterboard jointing was finished, then I had the joyous task of sanding it down! This is where the blood, sweat and coughing came in!

Firstly, I sanded my finger, it stung!

Soundproofing sanded finger injury


The ceiling was my favourite bit… not! I did however learn two useful things about plasterboard jointing that I’ll pass on to you though.

1) Use a bright site light so you can see what you’re plastering/sanding really carefully to get rid of any imperfections, then when you just have normal lights on, it looks damn fine (if I do say so myself)!

2) When sanding plaster, always wear a mask. Sadly I only learnt this after my first sanding session when I kept coughing up white stuff, nice! (you’ll be pleased to know I didn’t choose to photo this).

With that finished, it was time for ‘THE BIG CLEAN-UP’. Plaster dust gets everywhere….

Studio clean up

Tidying up and cleaning the floor.

I’ve just started on the floor, and will be using underlay that’s supposed to cut down a lot of structural sound (bass drum foot…). That’s my job for today, so I better get on and do it.

Last, and certainly not least, a big shout out to my Grandma who’s apparently been keeping up with the studio build by reading this blog. Hope you’re feeling better and enjoy your new kitchen ๐Ÿ™‚

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