Drum studio build #8. The Home Stretch!

16 May

I feel like I’m finally reaching the home stretch with the drum studio 🙂

I’ve decided to use lining paper on the walls before painting to give a better finish (doesn’t hurt for it to look nice after all the effort)! Half the room is now lined and am gonna be finishing the rest on Friday.

Lining the drum studio

Doing the lining paper, so far, not as bad as I thought!


Have chosen the paint – white for the ceiling and 3 of the walls and a slightly dark red called “Redcurrant Glory” for the remaining wall, la-de-dah! Should look good in my drum videos.

Made the decision to get someone else to do the doors, was difficult as I’ve done everything else myself, but I think it’s a time consuming job that needs to be done properly as doors are such a big issue with soundproofing. A mate of mine hangs doors, so he’s started today.

Drum studio first door

Door #1 (we didn’t choose the wall colour!)

In others news, I have a seriously random weekend of gigs! Thursday night is going to be a German oompah band for a Beer Festival….. dare say that’ll be a fun one 😉 Friday’s a rock gig doing mainly 70’s stuff, then playing my monthly residency at Nightjar with swing band Pinstripe Suit on Saturday. Sunday’s a day off, but I’m thinking that’ll be painting day. Busy, we like!

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