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Drum studio build #9. Drums in!!!

12 Jun

I’m very happy (and somewhat releived!!) to say that the studio’s very nearly finished.

I set my drums up in there for the first time last week. I was actually a little apprehensive as this was the moment when I’d find out if the time, money and effort spent over the last couple of months had been worth it. Overall, it’s turned out to be a big success 🙂

Drum kit in new studio for the first time, almost ready to record drum tracks.

Starting to set stuff up, yippee!


Outside the house, you can barely hear the drums playing (and even then, only in the back garden), it sounds a bit like a rather distant, quiet radio (and in fact you can’t hear them at all when it’s raining, as it does a lot in England…). Inside the studio, you can hear no sound whatsoever from outside (good, ‘cos I don’t want any unwanted noise on the drum tracks). The only area that needs some improvement is the double doors. I’ve not yet had chance to add the seals I’ve bought for the doors, so I knew there’d be some leakage, but as well as those, I’ve decided to add some soundproofing mat to one of the doors (I happen to have the perfect amount left over!). These measures should help with both noise through the doors themselves and round the perimeter (which is the biggest issue).

The only other thing needed is some acoustic treatment. I knew I’d have to do something as far as this was concerned, but couldn’t know how much until the room was finished and I played the drums in there. It’s actually not too bad, but some of the high frequencies are a bit excitable, so I’ve ordered some acoustic foam tiles. I’ve also decided to make a bass trap myself from the leftover Rockwool.

The transformation of the studio over the last couple of weeks has been huge. Having to build a bespoke door frame wasn’t something I’d imagined having to do when starting all this, but you know, old houses will throw up some entertainment just to stress you out…… Plus painting, adding the window cover (mdf with a layer of Soundproofing mat, the whole thing bolts into place so it can be removed as/when needed), putting in shelves and setting up the computer and drum kit. It’s looking great and it’s just starting to dawn on me how cool it’s going to be to be able to record and mix whenever I want.

Red Painted studio wall

Pleased with how the red wall looks!

Fingers crossed, next week will see my last Studio Build blog entry, and it’ll be completely finished 🙂 (if watching all the Euros football doesn’t get in the way…….).

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