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Decisions, Additions and The 2nd Law

15 Oct

Things have been pretty busy since my last blog post. Studio-wise there’s been good and bad. My computer died :x, but I’ve got some great new monitors :). I’ve recorded loads of drum tracks and have been listening to some new music.

So the PC in my studio developed a black “Screen of Death” and is completely defunct (in a way that the guy who looked at it has never seen before!). My laptop’s been tiding me over for the last week or so, but I definitely need to invest in a new computer asap. Which brought me to the PC or Mac decision. The problem with asking other people’s advice on this matter is that you inevitably get into a PC vs Mac thing and it ends up a bit like Coca-Cola vs Pepsi – people tend to love one and hate the other so you can’t always have a helpful discussion. Anyway, after MUCH deliberation, I’ve decided to go the Mac route. I’m hoping they bring out a new iMac in the next few weeks so I can get one with better specs. So while a dead computer’s bad, it’ll end up good, because a new computer is always a good thing!

Here’s the last thing I recorded on the old computer (sadly I had to edit the video on the laptop though – seriously painful, but we won’t go into that!):

Dead computer aside, it’s all been going in the right direction. My new monitors have just arrived and they sound excellent – everything’s so crisp. They’re making mixing a real joy, so once I get the Mac, the studio’s gonna be well kitted out.

KRK Rokit RP5 G2’s, they look good and sound great!

I’ve had a really busy couple of months recording drum tracks (on course for my second record breaking month for numbers sold in a row!). There’s been plenty of really good rock and blues tracks and a very well crafted Velvet Underground style song that I got the brushes and tambourine out for. I got a couple of lovely testimonials too, which really bought a smile to my face.

Finally, I did squeeze in some time to have my birthday (lots of eating and drinking) and one of my presents was the new Muse album “The 2nd Law”. The first track’s great and should totally be the new Bond theme. After that, there’s some really good songs where they’re on form, but I wish they’d have avoided the dubstep influence in a couple of the songs. They’ve got the potential to be good songs, but are just crying out for some proper Dom Howard Rock drums!

Cheers for reading, I’m off to check for new imac release date rumours!

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