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Online Percussion Tracks and the One Woman Percussion section!

24 Aug

As the title of my blog cunningly suggests, a lot of the sessions I record are online. It’s not all about drums though, I’ve been recording a lot of percussion tracks recently too. I love they way they can add colour and feel to a song. Whether it’s in addition to drum kit or instead of, the different sounds available offer so many options.

Recent percussion tracks I’ve recorded include muted floor tom and tambourine for a U2-esque track, shakers for an acoustic track and guiro and congas to go alongside some drums in a shuffle track. Choosing the right instrument/s for each song is part of the fun and I own a couple of boxes and shelves full!

I wanted to record a video to show some examples of the different percussion instruments I commonly use so decided to become a One Woman Latin percussion section! Here it is:

Enjoy and see you soon. x

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