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“This is gonna be MY studio” and other drum studio build pics.

19 Aug

The Olympics is over, gutted :-(.  To cheer me up though, I’ve been really busy recording drum tracks and loving having my own studio. I thought it was about time I put up all my photos of the drum studio build so you can see the transformation for yourselves. Also, I’ve had a few people ask me various questions about how to do it, so this might be helpful.

So, let’s see the journey of a wall! I’ve always wanted to have my own house and be able to write on the walls. Silly, I’ll grant you, but there you go. So, I wrote “This is gonna be MY studio” in chunky black pen on the wall and took pictures of it throughout the build to follow it’s own little journey!

This is gonna be MY studio

I know, the colour of the walls is well stylish…. and NO, I didn’t choose it!


Online Session drumming studio build

A special version for those of you who need glasses but are too proud!


Drum recording studio wall pic 2

Studwork timber goes up


Getting covered up by rockwool. Well you won’t be able to see it anymore, but at least it’ll be snug!


Just to the left of the ladder, now with added plasterboard.

And finally……

Finished wall of my drum track studio

Somewhere in the middle! Plus lining paper, paint and some acoustic foam.


To see a whole load more pictures of the studio build, I’ve put a whole album up on facebook so you can have a good old look there.

Right, it’s seriously scorchio in London right now, so I’m off for a refreshing glass of verdejo!

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