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Why losing customers is sometimes a good thing!

12 Mar

You’d think that for someone running a small, one woman business, losing customers would be a bad thing. Well, from a financial point of view, that’s the case, but when you look at the bigger picture, sometimes it’s a good thing.

The reason some people need my recording help in the first place is because they’re having trouble finding a good drummer to join their band.
Recently I’ve heard from a few of my past drum track customers saying they’re really pleased because they’ve finally found a good, reliable local drummer to be in their band. And it seems that having good quality drums on their recordings has helped them find this drummer (their words, not mine!). They’re finding more interest in their music from drummers because the drums on their recordings sound so much better and more interesting than dodgy, repetitive midi stuff, and so their music is much more able to stand out from the crowd of “drummer wanted” ads.

A lot of people I record for are looking for a session drummer not a permanent drummer, so will come back again as and when they need more drum tracks, but for those who areĀ having me record their drum tracks because they can’t find the right drummer locally and would ideally like a permanent drummer to be part of their band for rehearsing, recording and gigging, then I’ve ultimately helped them achieve what they wanted.

Basically it means that I’m losing some customers because I’ve done a good job, and that’s why it’s ok. They may need drum tracks again at some point in the future, and in the meantime I can continue finding some more shiny new customers with new music and new ideas from all over the world. It’s one of the things that makes what I do enjoyable.

I’ll write again soon, but in the meantime why not have a quick peek at my latest video, a little upbeat number with brushes. Thanks Caro Emerald!

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